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Design Book

Stop letting others write your story.

You only live once.

Your life & work shouldn't get you down.

You were meant for so much more.

I want you to thrive in life & work.

I want to see you really come alive.


Discover You

Dump the Junk

Dump Trucks

Design Your Life

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Write Your Story

Hi there,

I am Myhriah Young, the Signature Self Specialist.  Designing your ideal life with the work that makes you shine, often starts with learning to become the author of your story, rather than just being a character in the narrative others have written for you. You can take charge of your life now. 

I have found in my work with women, that moving forward in your career can require you to do some deeper work in Discovering Your True Self & Dumping the Junk from your past.  This can then guide you to being more confident and creative in deciding what you want for your future.

I want you to thrive in your work, so we start by putting together new tools that will allow you to truly come alive.  We will hone in on the things that make you unique, and use those to create an action plan to create the work and life you have always wanted.


My coaching plan does consist of 3 components:

-Discovering Your True Self

-Dumping the Junk

-Designing Your Ideal Life

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