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A Business Prayer

My prayer as I begin to grow my business today, and for you if you have a business you are growing:

Dear Dad, Thank you for the gifts/talents/desires you have given me to do the things I truly believe you have called me to do. My desire is to have a business that fully glorifies you and grows your kingdom.

Help my new business to have an impact in the place you want it to have an impact. Help the women who read my information or purchase my products to see your purpose for them as they grow and become the women you want them to be.

As I make plans for this year; create courses, record & edit podcasts, create workshops, work on affiliations and collaborations, project my income, etc. please help me to always keep in mind the true purpose of why I am doing what I am doing: Helping Christian women to have the most amazing sex and intimate lives with their spouses, just as you want for them.

Don't let my motivation be more money without first seeking to help more women. Don't let me try to take the bull by the horn and try to do this in my own strength without seeking out your plan and will for me. Don't let me lose sight of what is truly important.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for the women who I will be coming in contact with; bless them greatly and help us to have a open, raw and authentic fellowship here.



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