I'm so excited about this program!! I am going to be teaching everything you need to know to build a coaching business inside of GALS.

We will be building a platform for you ladies to have 3 levels of coaching inside of GALS, and for you to practice what you are learning.

What You Will Get:

-GALS Branded Logo

-GALS Profile

-Headshot/Headshot Training

What You Will Learn:

-Everything Needed to Build a Coaching Practice in & out of GALS

-Branding; Umbrella Niche

-Content Creation: 5 Day Challenges; Live Videos; Articles & More

-Creating Coaching Packages

-Much  More

What is the Trade-Off?

With all of this training, we are wanting to make this a win-win for all, so of course, we have a couple of things we will ask you to do in the Group:

-Promote GALS

-Mentor Ladies

-Answer Questions as you see fit

-Keep the Culture

What is the Goal?

My goal is to really practice what we preach-empowering women!!

I want to create a platform where you can learn & grow, but even MORE importantly, to have a platform to practice the new skills you are learning.

When one of us grows and wins, we all do!

Vancouver, WA, USA

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