Imagine a World with Women Living Their FULL PURPOSE!!

What if YOU were One of Those Women?

It's time to START living a life that is MORE:




In the Signature Self System,

We look at What this means for YOU!

We take you from feeling:






*Full of Confidence

To Feeling

Begin with Downloading the Signature Self Constitution Below:

Myhriah Young

Plus, here are my 6 All-Time Favorite Personality Assessments to geek-out on!!

1: Style Quiz by Rose Jubb

2: Your Personality Type by 16 Personalities

3: Enneagram: Book on Amazon

4: Strength Finders: Book on Amazon

5: The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

6: The Creative Type by Adobe Create

These Resources will help you get started!!

But, if you're ready to take YOUR  confidence to the next level, I have another sweet offer for you!!

Check out My Favorite module in the Signature Self System for FREE!!

Discover the Real You-$99 FREE


  • Know Yourself at a Deeper Level

  • Pursue Things that Make Sense to YOU

  • Put together a customized Handbook on HOW to be the BEST YOU

But wait-that's NOT all!!  There's MORE!

(My inner game show host is showing, LOL)

 I would like to invite you to my Signature Self:

Self-Paced Program!!

This is a customized handbook to create the life YOU have always wanted!!  Explore Your Story & who YOU are with this book & course:

With 7 Modules, You Will:

1: Practice of Forgiveness

  • Learn to finally forgive yourself & others

  • Clear your mind so that you can live your full purpose

2: Roadblocks:

Money & Time

  • Get your money & time organized

  • Two 5-Day Challenges

  • Stop letting these common roadblocks keep you from winning

3: Your Story

  • Look at your story through a new lense

  • Learn to turn your challenges into your super hero back story

4: Mindset Shift

  • Learn about family dynamics that may be holding you back

  • Start Investing in yourself with fun, new life practices!

5: FREE Module-The Real YOU

6: Pursuing Your Passions

  • Now that you understand yourself better, start looking at your Passions

  • Things make sense for you to Pursue

7: Creating Intentional Community

  • Living your full purpose usually requires helping others

  • Let's look at what that means for you

The full value on the Signature Self System is $693


You know I'm going to give you a SPECIAL offer, right?

For a Limited Time, Your Investment for the  Signature Self System is: 

One Lump Sum-$197


2 Payments of-$99!

Watch out World!! Here YOU come!!

Don't Wait Another Minute!!

Start Living the Life YOU have been hoping for!!  

Still HERE?  How about 1 more BONUS?!?

Join the GALS CLUB!!

Have you been yearning for real connection?  A place where you can just be yourself without judgement, let loose, and have a good time?


Welcome to the GALS Club!!


We are ALL about empowerment!!

  • Our #1 Mission in GALS is to create intentional community

  • Our #2 Mission is to grow, have fun & learn with like-minded women

  • Our #3 Mission is to make an impact in our community together.

If you Add our online troop to your order today, you will get 3 months of our

Gorgeous GAL Subscription FREE!!

Yearly Subscription Value: $240.00

for ONLY $180


Of Course, you can just join G.A.L.S with our GALS Collective Subscription for $20/month 

Do you want it ALL?


Signature Self



Gorgeous GALS

Yearly Subscription with 3 Months FREE

The Signature Self System: $197


Yearly Subscription of Gorgeous GAL: $180

Grand Total=$377.00

A Total Savings of $556.00

Phew!!  That's ALL Folks!!

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