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Signature Self Workshop Series

Do you feel warn out, like you can't ever get ahead, like you're constantly reacting to life?  

Often times we find ourselves in a rut of exhausting practices, leading to a reactionary lifestyle that's going nowhere.

In this hands-on, creative workshop, we'll take a good hard look at this junk, learn how to combat it, and then Dump It!!


Now What? You have Dumped the Junk, Discovered Your Real Self, and now you're ready for the next step...

I believe you have a great purpose, and there are people who will be blessed just from knowing you.  

In this creative environment, take your knowledge to the next level.  We will explore how YOU can add value to the community around you.

Do you ever feel out of place? Or as if you are living a life that someone else set for you?

In a world where we have so many  opinions bombarding our lives, it's easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you're "doing it wrong."

Let's explore and discover who YOU are, and help you do your creative best to live YOUR full purpose in life.



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Vancouver, WA, USA

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